Hypertension Unit HOCHDRUCKLABOR®

The hypertension unit HOCHDRUCKLABOR® is a newly established inpatient montoring and assessment unit for patients with complicated hypertension.

A variety of organ systems can be involved in the development and the consequences of high blood pressure. Diverse special medical fields are thus actively involved in the care of patients with high blood pressure (hypertension), making successful treatment difficult.    

Our hypertension unit HOCHDRUCKLABOR® represents a novel and innovative, comprehensive inpatient assessment model for patients with difficult to treat high blood pressure. In this multi-discipinary approach, information from various medical subspecialties, e.g. nephrology (kidney diseases), angiology (assessment of vasoconstriction), cardiology (heart diseases), endocrinology (metabolic diseases) and sleep medicine are combined in a structured  care model providing highest expertise within each subspecialty for hypertensive patients. This permits extensive cause and effect diagnostics and  cause driven and comprehensive therapy concept for hypertensive patients can usually be set up within 48 hours of admission. 

The number of patients suffering from pharmacologically refractory hypertension has been continuously on the rise over the last decades.  As a result many patients suffer from hypetensive crises with extremely high peaks and variability (“derailments”) of blood pressure. Within the Ruhr Area of Germany alone, about 35,000 emergency hospitalizations account for annual costs of about 70 Million Euros in the health care system. Frequently treatable causes of hypertension (see publications) are underdiagnosed in many of these severely affected hypertensive patients. The Hypertension Unit HOCHDRUCKLABOR® provides a patient-oriented multidisciplinary and comprehensive diagnostic algorithm and medical management approach for pharmacologically intractable and difficult to treat hypertensive patients, and thereby contributes to healthcare system savings by very likely preventing emergency room admissions and longterm comorbidities, such as heart attacks, strokes, and disability or worse. 

This new stationary Hypertension Unit model has already been extensively communicated to the cost bearers.


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